Photo Excursion

(Photo by Mr. Marwene Chelbi) 
This is us. This is our first photo excursion.

(Photo by Ms. Takoua ben Chick Ibrahim) 
This pottery is one of our local traditions. They have been made by local craftsmen for centuries.

(Photo by Mr. Marwene Chelbi) 
Blue and white houses are a tradition in our culture. There is a town called Sidi Bou Saïd which has the same architectural style throughout.

(Photo by Ms. Layla ben Belgacem) 
A child playing in Sidi Slimen Park near our institute. It's a place where children can play safely and have fun.

(Photo by Mr. Marwene Chelbi) 
Tunisia is known for its palm trees which play a major role in our economy, especially in the southern part of the country. They are a source of dates, which are a major export.

(Photo by Mr. Marwene Chelbi) 
This cactus gives a fruit called "Hindi," or "prickly pear." In Tunisia, it is known as the king of fruits. It is very yummy and cheap, and we can't celebrate the summer without it.

(Photo by Mr. Marwene Chelbi) 
Mural at the Centre Culturel de Néopolis. This mural, painted after the revolution, reflects Tunisians' hunger for freedom and democracy.

(Photo by Takoua ben Chick Ibrahim) 
School children playing football with smiles on their faces. They are our hope for a brighter future.

(Photo by Michael Soto) 
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